As per our constitution, membership is open to everyone; players and non players alike.
We aim to keep our subscriptions low and are proud of the fact that our annual subscription is significantly lower than all the other clubs in the area.
The bar is open most nights during the summer, whenever there is junior coaching or a match to watch.
Monthly Draw Members are automatically accepted as Social Members but without voting rights.

We now have a thriving Darts team playing in the local league both summer and winter - please feel free to join us on a Friday evening. Fixture and results are here

2024 Subscriptions

Membership Annual Fee
Adult Playing £ 100
Student Playing (over 18) £ 50
Junior £ 60 For the first family Junior
Junior (Sibling) £ 50 for all other juniors in the same family and/or where a parent has paid the Adult Playing subscription
Junior (Parent in Draw) £ 55
Social £ 30
Family Social £ 40
Life Member £ 0
All Stars (set by ECB) £ 40


Note: Partners of Adult Playing members are automatically accepted as Social members but without voting rights

To join please complete the a form below by clicking on the appropriate link
You will then need to pay the appropriate fee to a member of the committee as soon as possible